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#G1 Kick-Top V2

#G1 Kick-Top V2

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Due to the high demand, the current delivery time is around 8 weeks.

With many thanks to CLEMENT NOEL FROM FRANCE for the renders, showing our product.

The Kick-Top G1v2 in VAS Flatpack has been prepared, for your maximum & great pleasure to do the DIY.

The Paraflex #G1 v2 is a powerful and very warm, high-fidelity sounding horn loudspeaker. The design provides the ability to stack multiple units in a vertical array mode. Its  performance make the #G1 V2 Kick-Top the perfect choice for any mobile application or DJ-Monitoring.

Technical Information

Driver Size Woofer: 12" Neodymium Lavoce
Power Handling WAN 123.01: 500 RMS, 600W Program

WAN 124.01: 1000W RMS, 2000W Program
Impedance 8 Ohm
Frequency Range 90 – 1.500 Hz (-3dB)


2 x Neutrik Speakons: NL4 MPRXX

2 x Penn El Com pro Metal Handles H1105/06

1 x Wiring cables prepared for connection

The perfect Damping material.

Material / CNC

15mm Birch Plywood (13 sheets)
Manufactured with Ultra-High Precision CNC


Handles cut out - Speakon cut out - Driver cut out

The rebate specially programmed for you is a 5mm deep cut in every pannel. The rebate prepared by our high precision CNC machine allows you to place the right pannel in the perfect postion to achieve a perfect assembly.

All you have is to glue and screw.

The achieved Assembly time of the G1v2 with our flatpack & with our rebate and the perfect angles cut: 22 min 17 sec. (This might vary depending on your skills of course).
Save yourself alot of time with our flatpack. Build your DIY cab like a pro!

Please dont forget your Screws & Glue. They are Not included in the flatpack kit.

Dimensions -
Total Weight -

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